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Cost Recovery Fee Schedule

1st Nor Cal® upholds the credit union tradition of providing competitive financial services with minimum or no fees. It is our practice to charge fees solely on cost recovery basis. At times, it is necessary to adjust the Schedule of Fees in accordance with market conditions. Therefore, the following schedule is effective June 1, 2018.

General Fees

TypeFee Amount
Membership AccountFree*
Closure of Membership Account within 6 months of opening$5.00
Reinstatement of Membership Account$25.00
Monthly Account MaintenanceFree
Locator Fee (Per Return)$10.00
Official Checks (made payable to member)Free
Official Checks (made payable to non-member)$5.00/each
Money Orders$5.00/each
Collection Fee for Foreign Checks$20.00
Check Cashing$10.001
Research Time (minimum 1 hour)$20.00/hour
Statements/Transactions Copies (per page)$0.20/each
Account Reconcilements (1st time free, thereafter)$20.00/hour
Balance InquiriesFree
ACH Phone Request$20.00
NSF Returns/Deposited Items (per item)$20.00
NSF Returns/ACH Items (per item)$20.00
Wire Transfers (incoming domestic)Free
Wire Transfers (outgoing domestic)$20.00/each
Wire Transfers (international)Varies2
International ACH (via @ccessOnline)Varies2
Coin Deposits (business/per transaction)8% of deposit
Coin Deposits (personal/once per month free, thereafter)2% of deposit
Premature Withdrawal from Holiday Club Account$10.00
Print Services (consignment tickets/in-branch)$10.00
Extraordinary or Unusual Requests2

Checking Account Fees

TypeFee Amount
Monthly FeesFree*
Minimum Balance Required for Free Checking$0.00
Overdraft Protection (per transfer occurrence)$2.00
Stop Payments (per request)$20.00
NSF Return Items (per item)$20.00
Photocopy of Drafts (2 free per month, thereafter)$3.00/each
Reinstatement of Closed Checking Account$25.00
2nd Chance Checking Account (monthly service charge)$15.00

ATM/Debit Fees

TypeFee Amount
Usage Fees at 1st Nor Cal ATMsFree
Annual/Monthly FeesFree
Change/Reorder CardFree
Card Set-UpFree
Withdrawal Fees at CO-OP Network ATMsFree
All other ATM fees are determined by each ATM owner
Balance InquiriesFree
Invalid Deposits (such as empty envelope)$20.00
Replacement Card (1st replacement free, thereafter)$5.00
Rush ATM or Debit Card Pin$45.00
Reinstatement of ATM or Debit Card$25.00

Online Banking & BillPay Fees

TypeFee Amount
@ccessOnline Monthly FeeFree
BillPay Monthly FeeFree
Stop Payments (checks only/per request$20.00
NSF Checks or ACH Payments$20.00/each
Copies of Checks$3.00/each
Reinstatement of BillPay$25.00

Loan Fees

TypeFee Amount
Late Payments (1st Mortgage)5% of the standard payment
Late Payments (CUDL Contracts)5% of late payment
Late Payments (all other loans)$20.00
ACH Phone Loan Payments$20.00
NSF Line of Credit Checks$20.00
Lien Satisfied (does not include DMV fees)$20.00
Subordination Agreement$200.00
Subsequent Subordinations$100.00
Payoff Demands (per request)$25.00
Redraw Documents (1st Mortgage)$250.00
Redraw Documents (2nd Mortgage)$100.00
Mortgage Reconveyance Fee$185.00
Mortgage Modification (loan under a year)$950.00
Mortgage Modification (loan over a year)$750.00

Visa Fees

TypeFee Amount
Annual FeesFree
Inactive FeesFree
Replacement VISA CardsFree
Rush VISA Cards$45.00
1st Nor Cal VISA Cash Advances at 1st Nor Cal BranchesFree
1st Nor Cal VISA Cash Advances at Other Financial Institutions3% of amount
Other VISA Cash Advances at 1st Nor Cal Branches3% of amount
Note: Interest begins accruing as of the cash advance date. Cash advances at other financial institutions are also subject to their fee(s).
Late Payments (per occurrence)up to $35.00
NSF Returns/Check (per occurrence)$20.00
VISA Draft Copies$3.00/each

Visa Gift Card Fees

TypeFee Amount
VISA Gift Cards$3.00/each
VISA Gift Card Replacement (per request)$3.00
VISA Gift Card Inactivity Fee$2.003

Note: Premature withdrawal from principal balance of a Share Certificate will result in forfeiture of 90 days dividend or total (whichever is less).

ACH = Automated Clearing House. The ACH Network is an electronic funds transfer system serving U.S. financial institutions to facilitate financial transactions such as direct deposit, tax payments, tax refunds and a variety of consumer payments.
ATM = Automated Teller Machine
NSF = Non-sufficient Funds

*Minimum Share Account Balance is $5.00. Members with 5 NSF occurrences in 12 months pay $10:00/month. Fee will be waived once member completes 12 months without additional NSFs.

1Share only accounts with balances under $100.00.

2May be subject to additional fees that will be disclosed before services are rendered.

3Applies after 12 months of non-usage.