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Back to SchoolYou know school is not too far away when Walmart starts their back to school sales. Speaking of back to school sales, be sure to read the Tips for Teens: Back to School shopping article in which Sierra discusses what items you should and should not buy.

With school so close, it’s time to start seeking advice on how to survive the year. Lucky for you, I happen to have a few tips!

Incoming Freshmen: Freshman Friday is not a real thing. Chances are that if you end up in a trash can it’s because you tripped over a backpack like I did. Or if you end up with a giant swollen eye, it’s probably because you ran into a pole. I did that twice. Freshman year is full of new experiences and it’s not anything like middle school. Don’t be afraid to try new things. I joined my school’s water polo team with no previous competitive swimming or water polo knowledge or experience. Literally, I had no idea that the sport existed. How did I get onto the team? They were short a few players. Yes, I was definitely the worst player on the team and almost drowned another player on our last game, but it was fun! I loved it, and if I could go back in time I would do it all again. While college may seem to be a lifetime away, don’t put it off just because you’re only in your first year of high school. You can start applying for scholarships and look around for possible colleges you would like to get into.

Sophomores: This might be your hardest year. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” In this case, that’s your homework! My advice, unless you maintained a 4.0 through freshman year and middle school, take only one AP/Honors/ROP class. There’s no rush to finish college courses in high school or a college credit competition so don’t do it unless if you are absolutely positive that is what you want. Also if you are going to be taking an advanced class, make sure it’s a subject you’re interested in.

Juniors: This was, by far, my favorite year. I found a group of friends who are all as crazy as I am. You’ll find that you become more independent from your parents, and that’s ok! It’s called growing up. I was able to do things and go places with my friends that I might not have been allowed to back when I was a freshman. My favorite event that I attended as a Junior was Backroads Coffee House, an annual poetry reading event at my high school. It started at 9:00pm and lasted until midnight on a school night. It may sound like something a complete arts-nerd would attend, but it was amazing. If your school has something like this, I strongly recommend you going to it.

Seniors: If you aren’t already feeling it, Senioritis might be setting in soon. I know it’s your last year and you’re anxious to move on to whatever you have planned after high school, but try to stay in the game. It’s important that you continue to keep your grades up and stay focused. What better way to prepare you for the real world you’re about to enter? Now that I’ve gotten the responsible stuff out of the way, let me add this: It’s your last year of high school! Appreciate the time you have with your friends. Although we do have social media to stay in touch, life will change drastically after graduation and you may not see these friends as much. Take pictures! And last but not least, don’t forget to have fun!

May the grades be ever in your favor.

Luis Dominguez
Student Social Media Intern
1st Nor Cal Credit Union