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2017As we welcome the New Year and look around and question how we can better our lives, we often over-shoot our resolutions and forget to do them by February. The key to keeping your New Year’s resolutions is to make them both achievable and realistic. So, here are five realistic New Year’s resolutions that you will keep on doing way into 2017!

  1. Clean up litter: When you’re walking around and notice a wrapper on the ground, if it’s safe enough, pick it up and dispose of it in the nearest waste reciprocal. The environment thanks you for your help!
  2. Sign up for eStatements: While we’re on the subject of being eco-friendly, sign up for eStatements when possible and reduce your paper and carbon footprint. Paper statements require paper to be sourced, shipped to a store, shipped to the printing location, and then shipped to your mailbox all in mail trucks and airplanes, most likely running on gasoline. eStatements just require an email, which greatly reduces the amount of CO2 that is released. To learn how to sign up for 1st Nor Cal eStatements, click here.
  3. Help “pick up” motorized shopping carts: This one is probably my favorite. The easiest and safest way to get into my local Walmart is by taking the sidewalk that is behind the ADA parking area that is specifically designed for all shoppers to use and be out of the way from other cars. However, since it is behind the ADA parking area, people who use motorized shopping carts often leave them on the sidewalk. I understand that the people who use these carts often are unable to return them to the store for medical reasons, but it did get me thinking; what if the battery runs out and someone has to use one of these carts and the store has none left to loan out? I’m not trying to do someone else’s job, I just want other people to be able to go into Walmart at any time and shop as a regular customer without having to worry how much battery life remains on the cart. Quick note though: My Walmart does not allow anyone under 13 to drive the carts without an adult present, so if you are under 13, have an adult present. Also, remember to use common sense when driving the carts and be cautious of cars and shoppers. It’s not a toy! Don’t do donuts on the sidewalk or you might get into trouble.
  4. Put your shopping cart in a shopping cart return area: This one is simple to do. When you are done shopping, don’t put your cart off to the side or in a nearby bush, be courteous and return your cart to the return area. You’ll make someone’s job easier, make the parking lot safer to drive in, and allow for more shopping carts to be in the store, so no one will be without a cart when they need one. This has happened to me before and it was both inconvenient because I had to exit the store and play Hide and Seek: Shopping Cart Edition and shocking because I had never noticed that a store’s shopping cart supply is not endless.
  5. Donate to a non-profit or charity: Go online and find a charity or non-profit with a cause that you believe in and set up a monthly donation contribution. It can be as much or as little you want and you can even donate to multiple organizations. You might want to consider donating specifically to local organizations to better your own community. Every dollar you donate is a step closer to success for your cause.

Most importantly, keep on reading the blog!

Luis Dominguez
Student Social Media Intern
1st Nor Cal Credit Union