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ATM and Debit Card

ATM or Debit CardConveniently access your money with a 1st Nor Cal® Credit Union ATM Card or Debit MasterCard™ at over 30,000 FEE-FREE ATMs nationwide. You can also make point-of-sale purchases with your Debit Card anywhere MasterCard™ is accepted. You can even shop online!

NEW! Enjoy the added security of our chip-enabled debit cards! Check out these FAQs to learn more.

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Note: You may be able to use your ATM Card to make point-of-sale purchases if the merchant is using one of the same electronic ATM networks that’s listed on the back of your card.

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Debit MasterCard or ATM Card questions:
Call (925) 293-1785

To activate your Debit MasterCard or ATM Card:
Call (800) 290-7893 or for outside US (206) 624-7998

To change your PIN:
Call (800) 290-7893

24-Hour Lost or Stolen Cards
(888) 297-3416

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Our Zero Liability Policy Ensures You Won’t Lose Money Due to Fraud

Security of our members’ accounts is our top priority. That’s why you can relax knowing you’re backed by our Zero Liability policy. Shop where you want, store your card info with your favorite merchants and set up payments with your billers without needing to think twice.

Here’s everything you need to know about our Zero Liability policy—we’ve got your back!

What’s Zero Liability?

The Zero Liability policy is our commitment to get your money back, often the same day, when you’re a victim of fraud. We’ll investigate your fraud claim on your behalf and issue you a provisional credit. The Zero Liability policy only covers transactions that have been confirmed by    1st Nor Cal CU as fraudulent and that are reported to 1st Nor Cal CU in a timely manner. You must report suspected fraud as soon as possible.

What’s covered by the Zero Liability policy?

Fraudulent transactions made with the following cards:

  • 1st Nor Cal CU Debit Cards
  • 1st Nor Cal CU Credit Cards

To ensure coverage, you must report fraud in a timely manner. Fraudulent debit transactions must be reported to 1st Nor Cal CU within 60 days of the statement date.

What’s an authorized transaction vs. fraud?

An authorized transaction is one that you made and approved. Fraud is a transaction that you didn’t make or approve. If someone steals your payment information and makes transactions, you didn’t authorize those and they’re considered fraud.

Are peer-to-peer payments or payments to others in the form of gift cards covered by the Zero Liability policy?

Payments to others using peer-to-peer services (such as Zelle® or Venmo):

Zero Liability doesn’t cover authorized purchases made through peer-to-peer services. If you authorize a peer-to-peer payment for a good or service and don’t receive the good or service as promised, it’s not covered by the policy. For example, if you transfer someone money to pay for concert tickets and you don’t receive the tickets, this isn’t covered by Zero Liability. Be cautious of who you pay with peer-to-peer payments; it’s like paying someone with cash. If someone steals your account credentials and makes a peer-to-peer transaction without your consent, you’re covered.

How can members submit a claim for fraud/Zero Liability?

If you notice unauthorized transactions, you should report them immediately.

What happens after a claim is submitted?

We’ll investigate your fraud claim on your behalf and issue you a provisional credit. Further information may be gathered as we investigate. You’ll receive a final letter stating the outcome of the investigation and closing of the case.