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BillPay is the easiest and fastest way to pay your bills. Schedule one-time or recurring payments to anyone via @ccessOnline or @ccessMobile Banking. It’s fast, easy, and free – and 100% guaranteed.

BillPay Features

  • Pay most bills via @ccessOnline or our @ccessMobile App
  • Most electronic payments are received within 24 hours
  • More than 13,000 popular Electronic Billers available
  • Schedule one-time and recurring payments
  • Schedule payments from your Checking Account
  • View up to 12 months of payment history
  • View images of cleared checks
  • View, edit, and cancel pending payments
  • Submit payment inquiries with a click of a button

BillPay FAQ

A. @ccessOnline BillPay allow you to pay bills or make other payments from your Checking Account or 1st Line of Credit using the internet. Payments can be scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

A. BillPay is free

A. Log into @ccessOnline. Once you’ve logged on, click on the BillPay link from the Menu bar or from the @ccessMobile app, click on the BillPay tile.

A. You can make BillPay payments using a 1st Nor Cal Checking Account. You will also need internet access and a browser that meets our minimum requirements. Acceptable browsers include Internet Explorer 10 or higher, Firefox 28 or higher, or Safari 7.0, or Chrome 33.

A. It’s easy. Log on to @ccessOnline and click on the BillPay link from the Menu bar. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and you will be enrolled.

A. You must add payees before you can schedule payments. To add payees, click on the BillPay link from the Menu bar, and then click on Add Payee at the top right corner. When setting up your payees, use information from your most recent bill to avoid processing delays. Delays are often caused by an old or incorrect account number or an incorrect mailing address. Once you’ve added the payees, click on the Make Payment link on the BillPay sub-menu to schedule payments.

A. Once you have set up payees, click on the Make Payments link from the BillPay sub-menu and then schedule a recurring or one-time payment. Bills can be paid from your Checking Account. You can schedule funds to be withdrawn the same day or up to a year in advance.

A. To edit a payee, click on the Payees link within the BillPay sub-menu. Locate the payee and click on the payee’s name. The next page will allow you to make the necessary edits. Make sure your edits reflect the most current payee billing statement. Keep in mind that adding information that is not within the Payee’s billing statement could default electronic payments to the paper check method.

A. Not at this time.

A. Your account is debited at approximately 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time on the scheduled withdrawal date, Sunday through Thursday. Payments are processed and sent to the payee the following morning, meaning that payments are sent Monday through Friday. Payment are not sent on Saturday, Sunday or the day before a scheduled holiday.

A. After your account has been debited, the method of payment is determined based on per-set logic (payee name, account number, and address). The payment files are than processed via our third-party processing company the next morning. Your payment will be processed via paper check or electronically.

A. !st Nor Cal recommends that you schedule your payments a minimum 7 business days before the due date for check payments and 3 days for electronic payments. Depending on the payee, payments may be sent electronically or via U.S. Mail, but even electronic payments need at least 3 business days to be processed. Payments requiring a coupon or payment stub may take longer to process by the payee.

A. To view pending payments, click on the BillPay menu option, then click on the Pending link from the sub-menu. To view payment history, click on the History link from the BilPay sub-menu. The Payment History tab contains payment history for bills that you have paid (30 day by default, but you can select a longer or shorter period). Click on the Detailed Search tab for more detailed payment history. You can search payee name, amount, month, past days or date range.

A. You can cancel any payment prior to the funds being withdrawn from your account by clicking on the Pending link in the BillPay sub-menu. On the Pending Payments screen, click the gear next to the payment and select Cancel Payment. Once the funds have been withdrawn from your account, payments that are processed electronically cannot be stopped. Payments that are processed by check may be stopped as long as the check has not cleared, although we do not guarantee that we can stop the payment.

To check the status of a check payment, click on the History link from the BillPay sub-menu, and then select the Payment History tab. The Date Cleared column will display the date the payment cleared. To place a stop payment on a BillPay check that has not cleared, please submit your request via email by clicking the payee name within the Payment History page in BillPay. A system-generated email will be displayed with drop-down menu selections, including a request to stop and refund payment. Or you may contact us at 1-888-387-8632. There is a $20.00 stop payment request fee.

A. Click on the BillPay menu option and then click History. The Method column on the History screen will display “Check” for check payments and “Electronic” for electronic payments.

A. Yes, you can add a memo on BillPay check payment only. Click on the Make Payment link within the BillPay sub-menu. When scheduling a payment, an “Add a Memo” line will appear below the payee name. The text you enter within the field will be printed on check payments only. Memos will not be added to electronic payments.

A. Yes, once the check payment has cleared, an image of the check will be available within your BillPay history. You can view and print a copy of the cleared check by selecting the History link from the BillPay sub-menu, locating the transaction, and clicking on the check number.

A. No. Currently, all @ccessOnline functions, including BillPay, can only be accessed via 1st Nor Cal’s website.

A. First, review the Frequently Asked Questions. If you still need help, email us at , or call us at 1-888-387-8632. For urgent issues, please contact us by phone rather than email.

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