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Once again, another year has come and gone. Instead of feeling the blues or stressing about your upcoming finals (although you should probably study for those), why not end the year by treating yourself and your friends to one of the following activities?

Go ice skating:
This is really fun to do since about half of the people there can’t ice skate either! You’ll blend right in and not look completely goofy when you fall or bump into someone. Check your city’s website for ice rinks near you… or ask Google!

Have a cup of hot chocolate:
Meet up with friends at your local café for a hot cup of coco, coffee, tea, or apple cider. Anything to warm you up during this cold season!

GiftPlay Secret Santa with your friends:
Put all of your friend’s names in a hat and have each person draw a name and keep it a secret. Encourage your friends to think of a gift that would bring joy to their secret person. You can put a limit on the dollar amount so one person doesn’t end up with an iPad and another with a fruitcake. This way, everyone receives a nice, thoughtful gift from someone in the group, and you don’t have to break the bank to buy a gift for each person.

Go see a light show:
Most people take less than a day of their time during the holiday season to decorate their homes with lights, which generally looks pretty cool. However, three cheers go to the people who take a whole week or more of their time to set up their homes with a ton of lights, projectors, music, and inflatable decorations. I found a website that lists what houses in the following counties have created a light show for you and your friends to enjoy. Make sure to leave a tip to show your appreciation for their hard work!

Go skiing or snowboarding:
I’ve never been skiing or snowboarding, so you might want to ask someone else for advice on this one. I think black is the easiest slope… or was it green?

Whatever you decide to do, remember to have fun like you did when you read this article!

Luis Dominguez
Student Social Media Intern
1st Nor Cal Credit Union